Steady Brook Saddlery & Leathercraft

Ranch Saddle

Ranch Saddle
Built on a Bowden Wade Tree
Wood post horn
15 1:2” seat with inlaid ostrich hide
Hand tooled
Tan bark shearling lined
Rear cincha & billets
Horn wrap & bucking rolls
Hansen Silver



In the heart of a small leatherworking shop nestled within the vast expanse of the ranch, James embarked on a labor of love — crafting a ranch saddle destined to bear witness to the untamed beauty of the open range. His skilled hands danced across the various tools, each stroke bringing the saddle to life.

The foundation of his creation lay on a Bowden Wade Tree, a sturdy and reliable frame that promised endurance through the rugged terrains ahead. James meticulously fashioned a wood post horn, a symbol of strength and tradition, standing tall as a testament to the rancher’s fortitude.

With an artisan’s touch, he shaped a 15 1:2” seat, a sanctuary for the rider during long hours in the saddle. The seat, adorned with inlaid ostrich hide, added an element of luxury amidst the rugged functionality, a touch of elegance beneath the expansive skies.

James, guided by his craft, immersed himself in the intricate art of hand tooling. Each groove and pattern etched into the leather told a story — a narrative of dedication, resilience, and the spirit of the untamed West. The tan bark shearling lining added not just comfort but a nod to the timeless traditions of saddle making.

As the saddle took form, James carefully integrated rear cincha and billets, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment for the rider and the horse alike. The horn wrap and bucking rolls, both functional and ornamental, spoke of the saddle’s versatility in the face of various ranching tasks.

To crown his creation, James embellished the saddle with Hansen Silver, a mark of quality and craftsmanship that echoed through the generations. The silver accents, gleaming against the weathered leather, were a tribute to the enduring partnership between man and horse.

With the last stitch in place, James stepped back to admire his creation. The ranch saddle stood as more than a mere tool; it was a reflection of the rancher’s spirit, a companion on the untrodden trails of the sprawling landscape. In the hands of James, a piece of functional art emerged — a ranch saddle, ready to embrace the challenges of the untamed frontier, carrying the legacy of skilled hands and a timeless craft.