Feburary Cold Blues

Feb 14 2016

  Well were into and about  1/2 way through Feb. and it has been bitter cold, nice and cosy in the shop with a new Yodel stove pumping out the heat. Been working on a few saddles and getting inventory done, and thanks to all who came in for the inventory reduction sale. The glue machine has been running a lot this past week making  bill folds , credit card holders and cribbage boards too. Got a large shipment of exotic leathers and have been incorporating them into these products. The Bread Gallery Hants County Arts Show opening was last week at the Gallery, we had quite a turn out. I entered a couple of  Handbags / purses and  some carved pictures too. Got a few good reviews at the opening and met a few interesting artists . Designing a few more hand bags on the drawing table , with embossed decorations. Hope to show these at the up and coming Halifax crafters and Dartmouth makers shows in early spring.