New Site , New Blog

Jan 29 2016

Well here we are at the end of January 2016, the shop has been abuzz with horse carvings and saddle repairs & building cases and purses. Getting  some goods ready for the next Hants County Arts Council 5th annual Group show at the  Bread Gallery in Newport, NS. I did not attend the previous year , due to the new studio addition. Building another western saddle in the shop and plans to start another soon. The pre inventory sale winding down and ending this week end, thanks to all who came. I installed a new Yodel wood stove in the main shop last weekend, going to miss the wood fired Elmira cook stove , but it is going to a good home. Still dealing in some machinery, got a good sewing machine for Tom Brown from New Brunswick, it originally came from a shoe repair shop in Antigonish , NS. Seems like most of the old shoe repair shops are closing down these days. Getting into producing wallets, with a large expenditure in equipment and leather it has been fun so far. Also had a few requests for  training again this month, I will have to gear something up this year. Thanks for reading my first blog and shoot me a email with any questions or you can post here. Looking forward to getting the New Web Portal up and running with the massive help from Atlantic Web Fitters.